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“Every wolf ‘s and lion’s howl / Raises from Hell a human soul.”

Yours Truly

A Teenage Wasteland - previously The Moody Teenager


As if my blog couldn't be anymore self centred, I have a whole page about me!

I've been blogging on/off since 2009, at the age of 13 (which is why you can discover some pretty embarrassing posts if you travel back far enough). I live in Ottawa, Ontario,and I am currently enrolled in my first year of university (boo). I am fluent in French, Arabic, and English, though my love for reading largely contributed to the latter. This is a blog curated by a young girl with no actual understanding of how the world works. So I show you how my brain works. What was previously The Moody Teenager, a blog that focused on reviewing young Adult novels, has grown up a little, just like you when you went through your scene phase. I now focus on a few more things, basically anything and everything that sets my heart on fire, and your world blazing.

In short, the goal of Yung Lions is to showcase the brilliant minds of young people all over the world. No matter the discipline, what matters is the creation of a final product, whether it's tangible or not. Show me what you got.

I started out doing reviews and will always love doing so, I'm always open to doing them but if you have a deadline I would prefer you disclose this information in an e-mail.  If you'd like to contact me for any reason including giveaways, reviews, interviews, or guest posts feel free to reach out to me using any of the information below.


- Horea


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