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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The demon's lexicon

The demon's lexicon is a fantasy book created by Sarah Rees Brennan. It puts you into a world where two brothers, Nick and Alan Ryves, try to escape magic. A term used loosely in this story. Nick and Alan are always on the move with their crazy mother who is not much of a parent. Since their father was murdered at a young age they must fend for themselves. But danger is always their shadow, evil magicians are hunting the Ryves family for a charm that keeps the mother alive. But things start falling apart for the brothers when they encounter a brother and sister searching for help. The brother, Jaimie, was marked by a demon which is a sign of death that is almost impossible to erase. Then things get worse when Alan also gets marked by a demon. The only way Nick can save his bother is to kill one of the magicians that they have been hiding from for so long. Soon after their, quest to save one another begins Nick finds that Alan has not been 100% truthful to his brother. Lie after lie Nick uncovers more about his past and more about who he really is. Or rather, what he really is.

The demon's lexicon was surely a page turner for me. Once again Simon pulse has brought out a teenage fantasy that is worth the read. Of course there were moments when the book seemed to drone on but I find that the dark humor that Nick possesses was a great way to laugh. He was honestly my favorite character, the other ones seemed to happy and ignorant to appreciate, I could really relate to him. But not everyone would like this book, it would take a certain type of person, I find. The near-end of the book was a heart pounding a shock, there is a twist that changes you're whole view of the book. But I do think that the end of the book was a bit lacking. I always want to know what happens after all is said and done. A second one should definetley be made! The ketchup has done you good Ms.Brennan! (reference to the dedication)

THREE AND A HALF stars on FIVE.***


Figures I would relate most to the demon...-_-'

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