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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman

Ryan McRay and Sarah Fincher are trying to get to the bottom of the strange things that are happening in Skeleton Creek.  But a wierd accident that causes Ryan to be houseband and forbidden to see Sarah makes things that much harder.  So their investigation is split in two:  Ryan writes down everything that happens in his journal and Sarah records everything she notices with her video camera.  She then e-mails a password to Ryan, where he enters it at Sarahfincher.com to watch the video.

The whole video concept is pretty genius, I must say.  Links and codes are given throughout the book to the reader to watch and Ryan's part is basically a journal.  It makes the book funner to read, and a bit more realistic.  Except for the acting in the videos (once you get to the last video of the book you'll understand...especially that hug) and sometimes, while Sarah talks you just want to yell at the screen and say "SPIT IT OUT WOMAN!  SPIT IT OUT!".  But other than that the book was fantastic.  I also suggest you buy both books at the same time because there is a major cliffhanger at the end of book 1.

So the book is pretty genius and its a fun little mystery than is almost impossible to solve.  You'd think reading about Ryan's day to day life as he just sits there in his room would be completely boring but the author really made it fun to read.

Does this book have the Moody seal of approval?  Heck yah, because Skeleton Creek's mystery is one you should definetly solve.


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