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Friday, February 5, 2010

Posessed by Kate Cann

16 year old Rayne feels trapped in her little apartment she shares with her mom and little brother, her boyfriend, basicaly her lfe.  She escapes to take a job in the country at Morton's keep where she quickly becomes friends wth the leader of the clique St.John.  Rayne begins to avoid her boyfriend and everything that reminds her of home.  Rayne has set up a new life for herself but there is always somehing about it that's...off.  She begins to sense an evil, but she can't tell f t's coming from the manor or her new friends.

This book didn't really have a conflict once Rayne was all set up at Morton's keep, though I kept reading because  enjoyed the writing.  Up until the end you really can't tell what's going to happen because Rayne has been living in so much bliss and there really isn't a conflict until that last batch of 100 pages.

The book was simple, and kind of freaky (I read it during the middle of he night when I couldn't sleep...bad idea).  It had a great plot and overall, I enjoyed it.  Posessed by Kate Cann has been approved!


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