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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Arson by Estevan Vega

Arson Gable insists that he is a normal kid, even though he knows otherwise.  Arson can create fire and he dosen't know how to turn it off.  He lives with his grandmother, who dosen't have a problem with torturing the kid.  His grandma blames him for killing her only daughter while she was giving birth to Arson.  During the summer a new family moves into the neighberhood and Arson quickly befriends the daughter.  Emery and Arson have their ups and downs with their relationship but it isn't until one crazy night that everything changes for them.

The book kind of just goes on, nothing eventful really happening up until the end when all hell breaks loose and Estevan Vega drops us off at the biggest cliff hanger ever (C'mon man!!!).  The ending is where the book really starts to pick up and you kinda start to think "whats gunna happen next?"  it was really a nail-bitting conclusion.  Arson's character is the kind of guy you feel sorry for, he drools over the popular girl who just uses him for free ice cream, has a craptastic job, his grandmother's moods change as often as the hour and he dosen't really have any friends.  Until Emery, a girl who wears a mask (every darn day, yes I'm serious) and who is his neighbor shows up and rocks his world.  During the whole book you just keep saying to yourself "Man this kid's life sucks." 

The book isn't only about Arson, but as well as Emery's parents who are on the verge of divorce.  Her dad is a failed minister and her mom is a nurse at the hospital, who resents her husband.  With the amount of family disfunction the book could be named Family issues! 

Estevan Vega is a student who has already published 2 books before Arson, and I doubt it will be his last.  "While it won't be available through Barnes and Noble and Borders until May 4, 2010, you guys can shoot on over to my publisher's site and pick up a copy. Did I mention there's a free short story? And one more thing...the audio book is going to own...that will be free too! "

But anyways, do I think Arson was a good book?  No, I thought it was a very good book.  Do I think there will be a sequel?  There better be.  And do I think Arson deserves the Moody seal of approval?  DUH!  Because Arson is a hot book that dosen't seem to be cooling down soon.


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  1. glad you enjoyed the book. sorry the ending didn't satisfy you completely. but isn't that kinda like real life? anyway, have no fear, there will be a part two. hope to have you along for the ride!

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