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Monday, July 5, 2010

(De)motivational Mondays! (1)

Haaaaiiii!   Ohhh, you gotta love Mondays.  The work week has begun and for some of my less fortunate readers, the dread of summer school has arrived.  Oh the joy!  As if Mondays weren't depressing enough, I've decided to add to the evergrowing stock pile of suck.  Dont ya just love me?

 So I guess that means you should breathe in (and out) as much as possible, no?

Anyways, this should get you guys going for the week.  It's pretty self explanatory.  Do it.  If you don't you will have a crust filled week filled with regret and sorrow...well...okay that really depends on your definition of Epic...and Shit.  Don't get drunk guys.  At least save it for the weekend, you still have books to read.

Oh and speaking of books, boy what are the coincidences of that happening on a book blog??!?!?!  Anyways, I'm still reading Passing Strange by Daniel Waters.  There have been a couple of twists and turns while reading the book.  I think I'm in the climax now.  It's enjoyable.  I'm also trying to add some more features and fun stuff like that on the blog so your suggestions are super helpful!  Thankies 
Anyways, do you guys like the new banner, background and etc?  I do.  Helps set the mood ;)

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  1. Summer school? That is just cruel.
    Loving your banner.

  2. Hopping on by.

    I agree about the summer school.

    Now a follower, stop on by and check me out :)


    Personal Book Blog

    Group Book Blog

  3. Actually, loving the banner, at first i was like, holy wow.....thats something...

    But now its growing on me!! Its like when you to a museum and everyone is fasinated with some wierd piece of freakish art and your like wtf?? Lolz, and then you pass by it a couple more times, and you end up apreciating it!!

    Anyways, I'll keep that at heart...doing epic shit...I think thats really motivational. Really heart felt, its awesome.!!!!! seriously, probably the coolest thing ever!!!



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