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Friday, August 27, 2010


We did it--eurrr...I mean YOU did it!  Yay for Adam for being my 100th follower, and errrbody else!
Anyways, the reward for that is a contest! 

The contest is going to be split in 2.  The first part will only be open to my Canadian peeps and the second will only be open to Canadians AND Americans.  Sorry international readers!  :(

Open for Canadians only:

1 lucky winner will get:
- A Season of Eden
- Eon
- The Story of Cirrus Flux
- The Enemy
- Will Grayson
- Nice Recovery

And for US & Canadian residents:

The first place winner will win a 35$ gift certificate to CSN stores and a copy of a
Season of Eden.  And 4 other people will win A season of Eden!  ---> (just to refresh your mind, CSN is the website with a gazillion stores, they carry toys and modern rugs and bookshelfs and everything else!)

And for every 40 followersI get, I will add a book.  So at the moment there are 106 followers, get it to 140 and there will be another winner.

To enter the contest, fill out the forms!

For the Canadian Contest visit here
For the US & Canadia contest visit here

If you have any problems with the forms, you can always e-mail me at themoodyteenager@gmail.com

You can read my review for the CSN bookcase here and my review for A season of Eden here
Thank you to the super generous Katherine Warwick, Vimala @ Penguin and Jamie @ CSN!  You guys rock!


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