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Friday, September 24, 2010

A guest post by Sydney Salter!

Sydney Salter is the author of one of my favorite Summer books...Swoon at your own risk!  Here's her guest post about what she wishes she would have known as a teenager, I think we can all learn a lot from that, can't we?

Ten Things I Wish I’d Known As A Moody Teenager

I wish I’d known that…

*  Any college is a great college if you’re willing to be a great student.

*  I would never regret taking a difficult class, but I would regret taking some easy classes, because I had to go back and learn those things on my own.

*  My daughters would someday tease me about my high school haircut, clothes, and taste in music—and I think all that stuff is hilarious too. So why did I take myself so seriously back then?

* All the pain and longing that I spilled into my diaries would someday turn me into an author. I didn’t even dare dream that big back then…but I should have.

* My mother was right about a lot of things. I wish I’d listened more, argued less. Okay, never mind. I’m still arguing with my mother! But she’s still right about a lot of things.

* The hot, popular guy who acted like I didn’t exist would show up at a future high school reunion, drunk, fat, and bald—I’m SO glad we never dated!

* And that guy who dumped me for not wanting to have sex? He became a minister! Now he respects the choices I made in high school. Oh, and he’s been blessed with daughters of his own. Could there be better karma?

* Labels don’t matter. Not the ones on your butt, or the ones dividing you in the cafeteria.

* One day I’d be sifting through old high school photos, and I’d burst into tears with the sudden realization that I spent far too many years not liking my appearance. Now I only see how young and pretty I looked. I sure wish I had enjoyed it.

* I should have taken more risks—not dangerous stuff—but the stuff that nudges me out of my comfort zone. Growth comes from stretching beyond the safe and familiar. 

Hmmmmmm...I think I'd still rather go to  NYU but that totally gives me hope!  Thanks for taking the time to write this up Sydney, I'm sure I'm not the only one who will benefit from this one.  You can read my review for Swoon at your own risk here


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