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Friday, June 24, 2011

Abandon by Meg Cabot

The Myth of Persephone, Darkly Reimagined
— Book One: Abandon —

She didn't fall into his world. She was taken.
Seventeen-year-old Pierce knows what happens to us when we die.
That's how she met John Hayden, the mysterious stranger who's made returning to normal life—or at least life as Pierce knew it before the accident—next to impossible.
Though she thought she escaped him—starting a new school in a whole new place—it turns out she was wrong. He finds her.
What does John want from her? Pierce thinks she knows... just like she knows he's no guardian angel, and his dark world isn't exactly heaven. But she can't stay away from him, either, especially since he's always there when she least expects it, but exactly when she needs him most.
But if she lets herself fall any further, she might find herself back in the place she fears the most.
And when Pierce discovers the shocking truth, that’s exactly where John sweeps her:
The Underworld.

The idea for Abandon was interesting, but it was hard to immerse myself in the world of Pierce and John.  I kept saying to myself "It's Meg Cabot.  It's going to get good.  It's Meg Cabot.  PRINCESS FRIKIN' Diaries!" and yeah, that got me through the first quarter of the book.  I suppose the rest of my reading didn't need any chanting nor any encouragement.

Book blogger confession #1: I've never read a meg Cabot book.  With Abandon being my first Cabot read, I can't really say I was impressed.  The characters and writing style was pretty mediocre but the plot was very interesting.  The story line was unique and I enjoyed that aspect of the book very much.

Despite the missing edge to the book, I pretty much enjoyed it and John was a fascinating person to read about.  I could tell you I'm not that intrigued about the sequel, but I am curious to see where the story goes.  If given the chance I would surely read the sequel.

Abandon is an interesting story, with a sequel that I can't wait to read which is why I'm giving Abandon by Meg Cabot the Gold Seal of Approval.

Check out the Meg Cabot website for more about Abandon


  1. I listened to this on audio and I really enjoyed it. I didn't know what to expect - since Hades and Persephone is my favourite myth but I am really glad I gave it a try. Can't wait to see how the story goes in the sequel.

    New follower :)
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  2. I also listened to the Audible version of this book and I came to similar conclusions. I wanted so badly to love this book and just couldn't, though I will read the sequel.


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