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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Havoc by Chris Wooding

Getting into the sinister comic-book world of Malice is just the beginning. Getting out of it is much, much harder--as is surviving while you make your attempt. Part novel, part comic book, all thrill--welcome to Malice.

Malice was my crack.
I started and finished it in one go.  And once I got my hands on it, Havoc became my crack.  I was absorbed in the book and yeah, just like my friends at school, maybe some of you will poke fun since this book it sort of veered toward a *cough*younger demographic*cough but I loved every second of Havoc.

The only negative things I can say about the book were that it was a little less scarier than the first book, the scare factor was sort of what drew me to love the series in the first place, although Havoc had it's moments, it was lacking.  Also, Tall Jake became less creepier.  Probably because he wasn't shown in the same light, but it sort of killed the vision.

But those were the only issues I had with the book.  Yeah, it was flawed but it was FUN!  It was juvenile, but it was refreshing!  It was imaginative and of course, innovative with the whole half comic/ half novel aspect.

Gold for Havoc, because it's a  book that isn't just for children


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