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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Speedy reviews

During my unexpected hiatus, I read a few books that I feel are worth menitoning:

The Faults in Our Stars by John Green
     If you haven't heard of TFIOS or at the very least, John Green, you must have been living under a heavy boulder with a cloak of invisibility covering it up from civilization.  That's alright though, because as they say, better late than never.  Undoubtedly, John Green has become some sort of king...a king of YA novels, a co-king (no they don't exist but they might as well) of video blogging with his ultra nerdy (and proud) brother Hank Green, and the king of metaphors.  Thunder and rain ring a bell?  His latest masterpiece, The Faults In Our Stars centers around Hazel, a young girl who has been battling cancer since puberty (seriously).  Hazel has a bleak outlook on life, with reason, but after Augustus Waters saunters into her life, Hazel's outlook on life kind of becomes an enigma.  This is a phenomenal book that deserves to have a prime spot in your bookshelf!  Read on.

Cleopatra's Moon by Vicky Alvear Shecter
  Cleopatra's Moon is not a book about Cleopatra, although she is a very prominent character, it is about her daughter Selene.  The writing in this novel was exceptional!  As I read, I felt like I was looking into Cleopatra's kohl rimmed eyes, as was Selene, and that I was being pounded by the Egyptian sun as she walked through the streets of her home.  It was an opening into an ancient world filled with beauty, and of course, destruction.  Although I'm not sure about which facts were true and which ones weren't (there's a cheat sheet at the end of the book) most of the book is based on real facts and I felt like I had a detailed understanding of what really went on behind the closed doors of the Egyptian palace.  It is definitely worth checking out!

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han
    I just finished reading this book a few hours ago, although I bought it from the bookstore probably over a year ago.  So yeah, I know I'm late to the party, but just in case you haven't heard of the party, let me extend an invitation.  The Summer I Turned Pretty is basically what every girl waits for.  It's the Summer when one becomes a woman, when your natural beauty is unveiled and you become the swan!  Alas, some of us may be waiting for that Summer (patiently...or maybe not), Belly is living through it. Every Summer, Belly goes down to Cousins beach where she meets up with her mom's BFF, Susannah, and her two sons.  Jeremiah, the loveable goof, and Conrad, the brooding older brother.  Now that Belly has flourished into a lovely young lady, she needs to start making grown up decisions...that she may not exactly be ready for.  The book is licked in sand and sun, reminiscing of the days when doing nothing and drinking kool-aid was as good as it would get.  Read about Belly's Summer.

The Vampire Stalker by Allison VanDiepen
Cheesy name, cheesy cover, cheesy story?  Not exactly.  Okay, cheesy synopsis, yes, but not cheesy story.  This is about a girl named Amy, who fangirls for a certain book series about a vampire hunter hottie named Alexander Banks.  And then...Amy finds herself fangirling for Alexander, who is somehow standing right before her.  A classic tale of a beloved fictional character coming to life and trying to adjust to the mundane life, yes.  Accompanying Alexander's voyage into the real world is Vigo, the long time nemesis.  Together, Amy and Alexander must kick Vigo's vampy butt back to where he came from...and also figure out a way for Alexander to get back home, unless he ends up wanting to stay, maybe for a certain fangirl?  I know this sounds so cliché, but the writing does make up for it.  It gives me a certain nostalgic feeling for my Twilighter (my 7th grade self still refuses to say Twihards) days and hey, I liked the book.  It's worth the read if you're looking for that time-travel feeling.  Also, the author, Allison VanDiepen is representing Ottawa, (Canada's capital...no...our capital isn't Toronto) so big props to her!  Consider getting into The Vampire Stalker.


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