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Monday, July 2, 2012


The mood right now? Poison.  Not as in the poison that the queen - or whoever- poisoned Snow White with, or the poison you're planning to feed to one of your teachers/friends/co-wokers (oh is that just me?).  But poison. The poisonous feelings that seeps into your body  when you get annoyed.  But the weird thing is that I'm not annoyed, jealous, or mad. I'm almost perfectly at ease.  Almost like a peaceful death.    As my older sister would say "that's pretty emo" but it isn't a question of feeling dead, more like looking dead.  The lazy Summer feeling may be a contribution to the mood.  Do you ever just lay on the couch (or whichever piece of furniture you like, a stool?) with nothing that's actually turned on (not even the AC) and just lay there?  Because you have nothing better to do?  Because every Summer day is not an extraordinary adventure.  Sometimes, you don't make plans, you just lay there and wish you had made plans but you still kind of enjoy this poisonous moment of nothing, so you accept it.  It's poison.  Poison was the best word I could use to describe it, not only because of the feeling, but because it's that time of the year. Poisonous. 

Have I ever mentionned how much I adore Wednesday Adams? Of course I haven't.  Apart from teaching me the deceitful actual spelling of Wednesday, she has taught me...to be.  Also, her spirit is one with mine.  Every single line she's ever muttered before producing her glare that might as well banish you to the pits of Tartarus has placed a tug on my heart strings (spiiirit animaaal).

Everything is dangerous and wrong but who could complain? Live on.

Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy, Unknown, Sky Ferreira, Wednesday Adams, Rodarte by David Armstrong, The Crucible (1996), Ouija board seance, Rodarte by Beau Grealy


  1. I kind of feel like that for 90% of my summer holiday. Finally someone who acknowledges my mood. Love your reviews btw :)



  2. Hun Wednesday Adams is like my idol!

    I love your blog too! thanks so much for following me, and since I like this blog I will follow it back on bloglovin! and soon I will be your google account follower too once you sorted it out =)


  3. Awesome post. Awesome story. Keep saving the world one trash bag at a time!


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