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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare (Spoiler free!)

New characters were introduced, old characters were reintroduced, present characters developed, and some characters left the story all together. Love blossomed as it wilted and an epic story was concluded.

Finally, a book review!

Clockwork Prince basically crushed my heart into teeny tiny pieces, so naturally, while waiting for Clockwork Princess to hit bookshelves, I've been gluing those pieces back together. But when I finally got my hands on Clockwork Princess I had just finished gluing those pieces back together and I wasn't completely sure if my heart was ready to witness the conclusion to Will, Tessa & Jem's compelling story.

Clockwork Prince left things quite...chaotic (to say the least). There was the master love triangle of ALL love triangles, heartbreak, a pregnancy, heartbreak, a long lost sibling, heartbreak, and many secrets were revealed. It was tough. And of course Clockwork Princess did not take long to address each one of these storylines.

Reading the book was effortless. If there were ever a moment you questioned Cassandra Clare's writing abilities, CP2 must have caused you to shut your mouth and deport yourself back to your underground cave.Clare definitely played on words, shooting my anxiety levels through the roof. I honestly did forget that I was reading a book, the streets of London came to life with energy and vibrancy! It was detailed and beautiful.

People are always shocked to hear that I prefer this series to The Mortal Instruments, but its true. I feel a deeper connection to the characters and am much more entranced by the plot. What can I say, The London Institute owns my heart!

Clockwork Princess' plot did not have an easy set up to conclude the series. There were 2 instances where I had tears in my eyes based on the range of emotions I was put through as a reader. Whether or not you are ready to say goodbye, you are forced to do so for some characters. It looked to me as if Miss Clare had constructed a labyrinth with not much wiggle room, and that the only way to leave said labyrinth was to burn the whole thing down. Yet, miraculously, she managed to exit the labyrinth without doing so. A few paths were cut down, some leaved were frayed, but the labyrinth stayed intact. Does the labyrinth represent the stories, the characters or the reader's sanity..? Not sure.

Read these books.

(Can we just talk about the fact that Jem's name is Jem Carstairs. Car Stairs. CAR. STAIRS. Beep beep vrrom vrrom - climb up. This fact perplexed me hahaha)


  1. Seems like a very enjoyment tale. When i beloved Intercourse & Town far too therefore it would be great to learn to read something similar to this. Many thanks for discussing!


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