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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Luck of The Lions (PHILIP LIM GIVE AWAY)

Hey everyone, I have a very simple post with very simple goal today. It's very exciting, actually. For the first time in a few years, I'm hosting a contest! The prizes are completely funded by me and I couldn't be more excited.

A few posts back, I posted about my Target Experience, after being one of the first people to shop thanks to the lovely people at Billings Bridge Mall and Starfish Events. I also posted about being able to snag not one but three Philip Lim bags. Two of them being the same style.

Did you really think that was all for me? Well it certainly isn't for eBay, its for you!

So here's my giveaway:

I have one SOLD OUT Gusset tote in taupe to give away to the grand prize winner. Because it doesn't feel right to only have one winner, the second place winner will get a stacks of books and a few other goodies thrown in. Although its kind of a big difference, I firmly believe its better than nothing.

Here are my rules:

 +5 - YOU MUST be following me on Google Friend Connect AND FACEBOOK  (+5) (very easy to do and I will be checking)

+3 - Follow me on Twitter!

+2 - Tweet about the contest

+1 - Leave a comment telling me if you've ever thrown down in a store for something coveted.

Those are my rules, I hope they're not too demanding but I find them worth the bag...


Thank you for entering and I wish you the best of luck!



  1. I can honestly say no, although I do stand up for myself when necessary.

  2. I can honestly say no, although I do stand up for myself when necessary.

  3. I'm petite and pretty fast with a good eye, so everytime when it's been a huge designer collab I've Always managed to stay cool, go with the flow and been able to grab anything I want underneath everyone! ;-)

    But one time things really got ugly. I've never fought with anyone or been mean but when HM launched their very first Garden Collection the girls here went CRAZY! One girl got more or less beat up, another girl ended up not being able to buy anything from the collection because she got everything she wanted (she only had one of every item) and when the crazy girls saw she had the good stuff, they flew over her and grabbed Everything from her hands. If she was one of the girls that had like 10 of everything with the purpose of reselling them, that would be one thing. But this clearly was just mean.

    I have really long and thick hair, so when I went to this launch I only wanted two dresses. I got them, Went heading towards the dressing room calmly and suddenly I felt like my head was coming off! One of the crazy chicks was pulling my hair just to get my dresses. After seeing all the craziness I got really pissed off! So I grabbed the girl and pushed her away so hard so she didn't know what hit her. She didn't get hurt but I think she learnt her lesson. I know, this may sound mean but she just got a mild dose of her own medicine! ;)

    Keeping my fingers crossed in Sweden! <3

  4. Can't say that i have! But i have might have made an exception for that gorgeous tote you're offering as a giveaway ;) xx

  5. Nope! I've luckily not been in the situation where the other shoppers have wanted to fight me! But I do think it'd be a great story to tell my friends, IF I were to get into a fight over a gorgeous dress or something! (:

  6. nope never joined anything like that :D


  7. Hi!

    The Phillip Lim for Target launch was actually the first release I ever lined up for/went to . My brother & I arrived at my local Target around 7:40 & there were 4 people ahead of me (3 women & 1 man).

    When the doors opened, people behind us were running . I quickly ran to grab the black mini satchel & got my hands on it . One of the ladies in front of me was yelling, "Hey! C'mon now!" which to me basically meant, "Why are you cutting in front of me? That's not fair." but she managed to grab a lot of bags along with the 2 women in front of me & the man , too . They grabbed a majority of the bags , knowing they weren't going to get them all . I thought that was really shady & that they were Ebay scalpers, because why else would they need multiples of every bag?

    Anyways, so the lady who yelled grabbed the last mustard mini satchel I wanted & I just stood close to her & watch her decided which bags she was going to get . She asked me which one I wanted & I said the mustard mini satchel. After deciding for a bit, she finally gave me the mustard mini satchel saying her wallet wouldn't be able to fit in it. I was SO happy !

    I wanted to get the top handle crossbody bags & this large tote (that you're giving away) for my Mom, but they grabbed them all .

    All in all , it was a good experience for me because nothing bad happened & I left with the items I wanted most .

    I'm just thankful that no one got hurt & people weren't crazy.

    Thanks so much for the chance !

    --- Nicole O.

  8. The Missoni at Target, which was pretty crazy!!

  9. No I have never fought a crowd for something I wanted.

  10. Hi, I'm so excited about the giveaway!! The Phillip Lim for Target was the first launch I went to I got up before sunrise and got to target at 6:20, I thought I would be able to grab a few items but I only wanted the large gusset gray bag for my mom but I couldn't grab it because a lot of people where cutting in line and got there before me, not to mention they were taking entire racks of clothing and bags. It was an okay experience but target should deal with people who cut by sending them to the end, it's only fair. I really hope I can will this giveaway iA because I would love to surprise my mom with the bag she wanted (the one you're giving away) for her birthday!!

  11. No throwdowns, but I have hid items so no one else could grab my steals before I could return!

  12. nice blig :) http://wallpaper002.blogspot.com/

  13. No, but I would if thestores nearby would have collabs!

  14. I am a pushover is mob shopping situations, but like another commenter wrote, I too have hidden items for later >:D
    Oh wait, Billings Bridge?? :O Are you another Ottawa blogger??!!
    Thank you so much for holding this giveaway :D

  15. No, I have never fought a mob for something coveted. I do know people who go out on Black Friday to Wal*mart and Target and nearly get in fist fights though. I'd like to be the person just standing there watching the madness, not actually be in it!

  16. Not yet. ;) I still have time though.


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