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“Every wolf ‘s and lion’s howl / Raises from Hell a human soul.”

Saturday, November 2, 2013

“Every wolf ‘s and lion’s howl / Raises from Hell a human soul

- William Blake.

This post has been a long time coming. If you've been keeping up with my Instagram, you'll have noticed that I recently  purchased a domain name. However, I had no intention of purchasing The Moody Teenager as a domain name.

In the past year, whenever people would ask me the name of my blog in person, what followed was a sigh, grunt, and explanation on how I started blogging in grade 8, which was a dark time for everyone, and that it was embarrassingly named The Moody Teenager. Throughout the years, I have definitely embraced the title in all of its meanings, but lately, especially with ~adulthood~ looming it hasn't felt right. Combined with the fact that I definitely want to take blogging more seriously (especially due to university being the thorn in my life), the need to buy a domain name became stronger and stronger until I was throwing out ideas on which blog titles my sisters liked better (guess which one won).

My first idea was to chose something that represented me and it didn't take long for me to venture to the animal kingdom. Lions are my favourite, well to be specific, the lioness is pretty bad ass. My spoofy DJ name, DJ Lioness, my love for felines, the final track on the Modern Vampires of The City album by Vampire Weekend, my Ethiopian culture, and my forever moody lifestyle all contributed to the new name.

And so, my home has been renovated a little bit.

Welcome to MoodyLions.com

facebook.com/themoodyteen (not everything gets to change)


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