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Friday, January 31, 2014

Local Love: He Never Left Me by Christa Mayaliwa

Its easy to get sucked into the trivial lives of the protagonists in some of our favourite books "love interest #2 is ignoring me"..."My best friend h8es me bc he loves me :(". And although these self indulgent unrealistic situations can be a good source of entertainment, we all know that reading and writing can be much more than a source of entertainment. For one party, it can be the outlet. For the other, a source of inspiration.

A perfect example of this is author Christa Mayaliwa's He Never Left Me: My First Testimony.

Synopsis: He Never Left Me is the story of Christa Mayaliwa's battle with systemic arthritis (adult's Still's disease) as a child, its relapse when she turned sixteen, and her father's abandonment of their family in the midst of their emotional and financial struggles. More than that, it is a story of the goodness of God. Despite life's billows, Christa's God has been able to carry her through it all. This story is for those who are affected with a chronic illness aside from arthritis, parents with children who are in a similar state, those who want to be inspired, Christians, ministers, and doctors. This is Christa's testimony.

He Never Left Me is an emotional and honest story about the struggles Christa has had to live through, and how she has overcome them. You do not have to be religious in any way to identify with her story and feel the full spectrum of emotions you might experience while reading He Never Left Me.

He Never Left Me: My Testimony can be locally (Ottawa) purchased at the SalemStorehouse in Nepean (1558 Merivale Rd) and checked out through any Ottawa Public Library Branch

It can also be purchased via Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Indigo, Kindle/Kobo, Google EBooks, and Sony Ebook Store


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