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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Yuna, I Love You!

The current artist dominating my playlist is young Malaysian artist Yunalis Mat Zara'ai, who simply goes by Yuna. Her soulful music is so relaxing and can easily put me in a good mood.  I’m quite thankful I was able to find her music, as it came to me at a somewhat difficult time?

Yuna’s music has a strong identity you can easily recognize just a few seconds in, in fact her music can do for me, what Corinne Bailey Rae’s Put Your Records On still does for me all these years later.   Its carefree and strong!

Yuna began songwriting at the age of 14, to eventually become somewhat of a Myspace musician. She then had an appearance on a Malaysian singing reality show, after being eliminated she began to take music more seriously.  One law degree later, Yuna officially decided (thankfully for us) to officially pursue her career in music.  She’s not been left unrecognized, as she a massive following all around the world and many big name fans such as Pharrell Williams and David Foster.

Yuna has been busy, not only as a singer songwriter but also as a fashion designer, launching her (AFFORDABLE!) clothing line 14Nov which gives her the opportunity of designing beautiful clothes parallel with the modesty that is taught by Islam (that's the part that made me fall completely in love with her!)

Unfortunately, its been quite a while since Yuna has left us with any music, but as of now there seems to be enough for me to be content. Her music can make me feel so much, as there's a song for everything. I’m listening to Rescue as I type this, and I feel like I can pretty much achieve anything, just like Yuna!


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