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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

To Swoon or not to Swoon? That is the question!

I finished Swoon a little while ago I am a bit flustered by the whole book. I thought Nina did a fairly good job on the writing but it seemed a bit lacking. Parts of the book were hard to understand and it was hard to get attached to the characters because the story made most of them seem quite shallow. I also couldn't really get attached to the protagonist Dice. There wasn't much we actually got to find out about her, all I knew was that her cousin is Pen, she likes to sing, she has (possibly) black hair and she moved from New York. Relating to the characters was pretty hard I guess.

Personally it also seemed as if the author, Nina Malkin at times, became lazy with her writing and decided to skip some passages. I definitely thought the book's plot had so much potential to be great but I was left unsatisfied at the end. What did you guys think of the book and its ending? My favorite part in the book was when Sin was with Marsh's father, fighting. And he said something like ''Mofo bit me'' something close to that though. I laughed for a little while during that part :)

But that was pretty much it. I also didn't understand how Pen could also be in love with Sin. If she did, wouldn't she hold a grudge or at least fight for Sin? Not everything added up. I need more explanations! To Swoon or not to Swoon? That is the question, but I'm going to have to say Not to Swoon. The ending just...ended...without anything really big happening. And I also think that there should be an epilogue. And I actually started to hate Sin after I found out he ''Fornicated'' with Pen and then in the scene where Pen's little brothers act like sheriffs and he spanks Dice...
But on the upside, I liked the lyrics to the song :D
Roll the dice (clever)

So my fellow bloggers, the answer to this question which is vital to our life, a necessity that we cannot live without a- okay I'll just say Pass. Not to swoon. The plot was very intriguing but didn't do much for me in the end :I


  1. Hm, but on the upside the cover is gorgeous :) XD

  2. ugh. i hated this book. you're right about the writing being good but the characters were awful. I could never see how she loved Sin. Infatuation is more like it.

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  4. That spanking part, omg, I was like WTF, did she REALLY just go THERE, LOL??! I mean, I loved the book, but that was err disturbing. It also made me pretty mad when Sin "fornicated" (lol) with Penn, then pretty much everyone else, even the psychic person Dice went to see :o ... then she still fornicated with him herself, lol. I'd have told him to "leave, mofo!"

  5. Ooh, I've read lots of negative reviews about this book but I still want to give it a try (mainly because that cover is just too gorgeous). :) I'm probably going to be disappointed but at least it's only a library book. You wrote a nice, fair review.


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