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Friday, August 28, 2009

Not to fear! The mortal instruments are here!

A lot of people have been a little sad about the fact the Mortal Instruments trilogy has ended. Therefore you won't hear about Alec, Isabella, Simon, Clary or even Jace! (It's okay put the tissue away!). But it seems like Ms.Clare is not done with her writing! In an e-mail she revealed that she might like to do a spin off with her characters.

MD: Hello Ms. Clare!
Of course I read the Mortal Instruments series (I very much enjoyed it) and I am of course saddened to know the series has ended but I would like to know, in your imagination what would happen later on in the lives of Clary and Jace? Or Isbella, Simon and Alec and Magnus?

CC: think, since I have not totally ruled out ever writing about any of these characters again in future, that it's better if my speculations about their possible futures stays private for now. Cassie

Fan girl screams can begin now :D


  1. I love this series!

    I gave you an award:


  2. Its actually been announced at Cassandra's party in NY that there will be another book in the Mortal Instruments series in Simon's view about him being a vamp and him having Isabelle and that other girl after him.


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