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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Catching Fire! The sequel to the Hunger games.

Catching fire is the sequel to Suzanne Collin's amazing book the Hunger games.  When I first reviewed the Hunger games I gushed about how amazing it was.  Courtesy of Scholastic I got to review Cathcing fire.  And let me tell you, I was not disapponted!

Normally, the sequel to a good book results in a bad sequel but that would be the contrary in this story!  Katniss has survived the Huner Games and has managed to keep Peeta alive at the same time.  But the Capitol is not happy with that.  They see "the desperate act of star-crossed lovers" as an act of defiance and they want justice.  On top of all that it seems like an uprising is starting, triggered by Katniss.  Oh and let's not forget all the boy drama!  Peeta has found out Katniss and Haymitch's little arrangement while they were in the Hunger games and has broken his heart and she must face Gale.  What has Katniss gotten herself into?

But the show must go on and everyone must believe that Katniss and Peeta are as in love as always were, even more.  And president Snow is counting on that, or else...

Do I even have to tell you how great this book was?  It has everything I look for in a book drama, action, romance and even some comedic relief.  Oh man!  I have to say I was kind of  scared that this book wouldn't  be able to measure up to the first one but boy was I wrong.  Even though the setting has changed the characters are still the same, which invites a feeling of relief to engulfe you (if you get that).  The character developpement in the book has pregreessed, in the Hunger Games we didn't get to spend much time with characters like Gale, but the second book comes back with a vengeance.  You can't help but love all the guys in the story, even Haymitch.
I am unconditionnally and irrevocably in love with...This book ;D

So if you haven't read book one, get to it!  It is time to start Catching fire!


  1. I agree with you Catching Fire and The Hunger Games were just plain AWESOME, anyways can't wait for book 3 and the movie.


  2. Catching Fire started a little sloooow for me, but HELL by the time the games started, it was almost better than the first book :) LOVED it, and OMG, August is TOO LONG to wait for Mockingjay.

  3. Yes! I agree! I was also a bit scared that this would disappoint but I was proven wrong and I can't wait till book 3!


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