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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kiss of life a generation dead novel by Daniel Waters

From the publisher:
The phenomenon that''s been sweeping the country seems to be here to stay. Not only are the teenagers who have come back from their graves still here, but newlydeads are being unearthed all the time. While scientists look for answers and politicians take their stands, the undead population of Oakville have banded together in a group they''re calling the Sons of Romero, hoping to find solidarity in segregation. Phoebe Kendall may be alive, butshe feels just as lost and alone as her dead friends.Just when she reconciled herself to having feelings for a zombie — her Homecoming date Tommy Williams — her friend Adam is murdered taking a bullet that was meant for her . Things get even more confusing when Adam comes back from the grave.Now she has romantic interest intwo dead boys; one who saved her life, and one she can''t seem to live without.

So courtesy of Daniel Waters and publicist I was able to review Kiss of like and I have to say I liked it.  A lot.  To begin, the plot is unique, or at least it seems like it is since this is a break from vampires.  Instead we get to socialize with zombies!  So basically in the book, we join Phoebe Kendall who had to suffer the loss of human, Adam, who took a bullet for her that was either meant for her or Tommy Williams.  Which caused Adam to become undead (are you following?).  And now, she has to cope with everything that has occurred since, Pete (the guy who "killed" Adam) getting off easy at the trial.  Adam's rehabilitation and Tommy ( so much to be said with that one name) Pheobe's sort of boyfriend.  
The character development was very good in this book, which is hard to say for other books.  You could really feel for Phoebe, who had to choose between Adam and Tommy (I can't even choose!).  The plot was very easy to follow but I do have to say the only problem in this book was just that in the mid-section the pace of the story slowed down and not much happened causing it to be a bit (just a bit!) boring.  There was just a bit to much dialogue which didn't cause much to happen.  Although, towards the end, the book started to pick up (which diappointed me because that meant I'd have to wait for the next book).  There was a lot of foreshadowing which lead me to my suspicions.  But under all the teen angst and drama the story actually has a pretty deep meaning, which I'll let you figure out for yourself once you read it.  You better read this book.  It's light, and I finished it yesterday and I'm STILL thinking about it.  That is the sign of a good book my friend!  

The dead bring all the excitement to this story.  Being dead doesn't mean your not alive in this book!
Go on and read this book!  I promise you it won't bore you to death!

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  1. Wow, this looks great!
    I found your blog on a site saying you were looking for followers, and I'm so glad I followed! :-)
    Any luck finding any? If so, any suggestions for me? I've been seriously blogging for about a month now and have exactly 1 follower. :-(

  2. Thanks so much for all your help! I've been trying to follow some of your advice and getting followers. I really don't know what a link exchange is, though.
    I can't wait to read Perfect Chemistry! Yay!

    I honestly can't remember where I saw your blog. At the Bookologist perhaps?
    I can't wait to read your review of perfect Chemistry!
    Oh, and I have given you an award! Come check it out!


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