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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Going too far by Jennifer Echols.

Meg McPhereson is a girl who just wants to escape school, her parents, her home-town.  Her life!  But one crazy night that involves her, a dare and a forbidden railroad track changes everything.  She is arrested and as punishment must endure one whole week of partnering with a cop during his night shift, during spring break.  But that one week changes almost everything about her as she falls in love with John After, the cop that put her in her situation.

Meg's character is the basic rebellious teenager, but slightly different.  Her past has changed her outlook in her life and future.  And John is the goody two shoes, who has his laces untied.  Meg and John begin to bond and their two extreme personnalitites (badass and saint) merge as they fall in love.  Though the plot seems like a total cliche the character development makes up for it.  Meg jus isn't a MOODY TEEN (hihi) she has reasons and John digs up each of those reasons as they fall in love and Meg pushes every single one of his buttons.  But the problem in their romance is that once high school is over Meg is ready to spread her wings and fly away to college land but John's plans consist of many dougnuts, and staying where he is.

The book was really exciting to read, mostly because of A) Meg's personnality and B) John's mystery.  Meg's point of view is really fun to read.  I think a little version of Meg lives inside each and every one of us teenage girls, just waiting to escape.  So anyways, enough of my cheesy metaphors and random explanations.  I'll lay it down simply, this was a very pleasant good book.  And I would recoomend this book to any of you searching a nice, light read.  So of course, this book has the moody seal of approovement!  Because this book was a light, fun, smart, sexy romance!

Jennifer Echols' site:   http://www.jennifer-echols.com/goingtoofar.html
Thank you for letting me review your book Ms Echols!


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