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Friday, December 11, 2009

How to steal a car by Pete Hautman

Kalleigh is just a teenager who has a bit more to deal with then regular teens.  Her family is the super cookie cutter family on the outside, but on the inside everthing is in shambles.  With a boyfriend, who isn't that interesting and a best friend, who isn't that much of a great friend Kalleigh ends up stealing a car.  At first, it's no big deal.  Just a little parade around the neighberhood.  But after a couple incidents, the thrill it gives Kalleigh is hard to give up and she ends up stealing another, then another.  And then another.

Kalleigh is a girl, I think all teenagers can relate to.  She dosen't really depend on her family or friends, just herself.  And her character is actually believably, she deals with many teenager issues.  And though what Kalleigh does sometimes seems wierd you can actually understand why she does it, and not call her an idiot for doing it.  Kalleigh is a loveable character and although this book was a short read it was really fast paced and you always wanted to keep reading, wondering if Kalleigh would finnally be busted.

Of course I have to give this book the Moody stamp of approoval.  Why?  Because it is a simple fresh, read that any teenager can relate to.  Who knew learing how to steal a car could be that simple?

Visit Pete Hautman at http://www.petehautman.com/

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