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Sunday, July 11, 2010

My CSN book case

Following my mock-review of a CSN book case, here is the actual review!
Since I live in Canada (LONGEXASPERATEDSIGH) when things are shipped to me, they take their sweet ol' time.  But suprisingly, it arrived before the actual due date which was a pleasant surprise! 
When I opened up the tiny flat box I was able to ge it up the stairs without breaking my teenager back) I pulled out a pretty little gate, some shelfs and screws.  An omen to how simple the actualy bulding would be.

I'm pretty sure it took me more time to open the box than to actually build it (I was to lazy to get a knife...haha).  I didn't really need the instructions since this girl is smart enough to connect the dots.  The bookcase was up within half an hour!

I picked this bookcase because I love, love, love, love, love (INFINITY) the little black gate and the details on the side!

Anyways, my poor books had all been put into boxes  by my mom in the storage room :(

Even though the bookcase looks super fragile and small, it isn't!  It'sable to carry AT LEAST 11 hardbacks and a bunch of paperbacks on the first shelf, which is pretty impressive!
So to conclude, I would def recommend CSN as well as this bookcase to a friend or someone in my family.  This boockase is just sooo cute!

Here is the link to The Bookshelf
And here is the a full list of CSN stores


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