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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Marc & Cleo

Super Rich Kids feat. Earl Sweatshirt - Frank Ocean   --- My ultimate Summer song
It's Time - Imagine Dragons                                           --- Ultimate song.
Everything Is Embarassing - Sky Ferreira                     --- The ultimate first day of school song

The name behind this month's playlist is actually quite a famous story. I've decided to name August's playlist after Marc Anthony & Cleopatra. Egypt's ancient power couple. 

The two fed off of each other's power and wealth to aid their own causes. Egypt remained independent from Rome and Cleopatra agreed to fund Mark's war campaign. But while Egypt was submerged in war, Marc Anthony was falsely informed that Cleopatra had died. Deciding that he couldn't go on without Cleo, Marc committed suicide.  When it was finally Cleopatra's turn, Octavian (the guy who was orchestrating the downfall of the world's most famous lovers) planned to parade her through the streets of Rome to her ridicule and to his triumph.  Of course Cleopatra would not go along with being a prop so she decided she would rather join Marc Antony in death.  Cleopatra apparently committed suicide by holding a viper to her breast and letting the poison seep into her.

Octavian was later renamed Imperator Ceasar Divi Filius Augusts by the Roman Senate Of course August is named after Augustus, he who brought the downfall of the supreme leaders. Is it starting to make sense now?

August is named after Augustus (formerly known as Octavian), the jerk who demolished the work that Cleopatra had tried so hard to maintain, and this playlist is named in honour of the lovers who were killed by the man named after this month.

Anyways, if you'd asked me about my March playlist, I would've told you the whole theme was about nostalgia and looking back.  But this month's playlist is the exact opposite, it's about  the amazing Summer nights and the soundtrack to those memories.  It's about creating new memories.  You may not exactly remember those nights but you would remember all the fun you had, the smile you had on your face, the happiness.  And that's the best part, right? Not every night exactly evoked this nostalgia, and n'or does every song, but there were a few...and they were pretty great.

Three songs that I need to talk about: It's Time by Imagine Dragons is one of those songs that can inspire you, make you sad, make you happy, make you experience the full dam spectrum of emotions that the human body can handle, no matter how allergic you are to ***feelings***. I took no notice of the song when I first heard it in The Perks Of Being a Wallflower trailer (less than a month left Jesusholdme), but it quickly turned out to be my Summer song. My mind sighs in content whenever I hear the clapping sequence in the beginning. Pure magic.  Super Rich Kids gives me that sticky Summer feeling you get when you're laying in the sun too long and I can already imagine the video in my head. Finally, Sky Ferreira's Everything Is Embarrassing goes back to her electro pop sound that I love so much. Its catchy, it's upbeat, it's Sky (and it has me thinking that Sky Ferreira shoulda been the star of the Adidas advert because Nicki Minaj is so irrelevant)

A few stand out songs, which brought me to discover some stand out albums were Emili Sandé's Breaking The Law and Daddy. Her album, Our Version Of Events is filled with songs of pure beauty and pure soul.  Marina & The Diamond's Electric Heart is a fun album with a sometimes dark undertone. Other hits include Lies (the acoustic is very raw) and Teen Idle. And you may have noticed that at the very end of this playlist, lies a Justin Bieber song. It is a miracle that there is only one. This month was the month I died in Justin Bieber's arms okay. His new mature sound is definitely pleasing to my ears seeing as I've been cranking a few singles from the album LOUD & PROUD. (and yes, I am aware of how weird it is that Justin Bieber is right under Radiohead)

So what was on your playlist?

(Oh and since we're on the subject of music, my headphones recently broke so um...I'm open to reviewing headphones *winkwinknudgenudge*)


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