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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Feature Follow: Thanks!

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving Day food? If you’re not American or Canadian, what is your favorite holiday food?

Well, I am Canadian though my family has never taken up the tradition of Thanksgiving. I don't really mind too much, there are enough tv specials to let me know about what I'm missing.  And in all honesty, the backstory behind thanksgiving has always left a sour taste in my mouth. To each their own! In all honesty, I don't think I celebrate many wide-spread holidays so thinking of holiday food is a weird concept for me. I do love pumpkin pie? But I'm 90% sure no one else will pick...Halloween candy! Its food. I celebrate the holiday! Love trading and snacking on it during those november days.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans!

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Have a lovely weekend

P.S - Sorry for my lack of posts, I have been surrounded in despair...and exams!


  1. I'm portuguese, so we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But we do have lots of traditional Christmas desserts that I love.

    New GFC follower. Here's my FF

  2. We don't celebrate Christmas here in the Philippines but we celebrate Christmas instead. I like Baked Mac or Spaghetti and salad.
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  3. I'm not much of a pie girl but we all find stuff to love! New GFC follower. Check out MY F&F

  4. Hi, I found your blog via feature and follow Friday and are now following you on Google. You can check out my blog on:
    Thanks, Angela

  5. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving either (I'm Indian) but festivals and the festive foods are great! :D
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    New follower. :)

  6. Halloween Candy...that is sort of like dessert right...lol. :) following via bloglovin. Happy #FF!

  7. Nothing wrong with Halloween Candy. :)

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  8. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Followed back through GFC and bloglovin. I like Halloween candy. too. :)

  9. I love candy so pretty sire that i would have enjoyed Halloween. Thanks for following my blog. Followed u back.

  10. Thanks for stopping by..:)
    Old GFC follower and new twitter, FB follower.. :)

    Happy #FF

    Nikita @http://njkinny.blogspot.in

  11. Hi, Horea, thanks for the follow - I'm following you with GFC now, too! My parents are Australian, so they never really go all out for Thanksgiving, but we did usually have turkey. But along with that, they didn't really "get" the whole Hallowe'en thing, either! Happy weekend!!!

  12. Thanks for following my blog. I followed back via Bloglovin =D

  13. I'm not all too excited about candy but my son is. ;) And we don't celebrate Thanksgiving that much in Germany.
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    Johanna @ Challenging Reads

  14. Happy FF (even though it's Sunday)!! New follower via GFC and Bloglovin'

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  15. Halloween candy is perfectly good answer! Lol
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