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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


A young teen from Hawaii decides to share his creativity.  Urada is born.

"Its not a lengthy explanation, just a definition. I want you to think outside the shirt. I'm all about sharing an idea, an idea that we can agree on. An idea that will make you look forward to tomorrow. That's what I do. I make an idea for your tomorrow. I make shirts that speak for itself so all you have to do is be you. With clothes come responsibility.  The responsibility to be you. I trust that you do that very well. URADA promotes people to dress to live another day, but wear something better than yesterday" - URADA

Strolling down my dashboard on tumblr I saw a picture of a someone wearing an interesting shirt. Clicking through a few links to find the source of where I could find the shirt, I found Urada.

A rising cult following on tumblr and a steady slew of Instagram followers will propel the Urada brand and its creator, 19 year old Kirk, to the front lines of fashion world dominance.  Appreciated by many, and paired with apparel one would expect to be seen at a Fashion Week catwalk or maybe worn by the likes of Kanye West, with clean but gorgeous photography, Urada is steps away from taking over the Internet.

Much like other pieces available on the Urada site, the recently dropped 3M tee features a reflective 3M print that has caught the attention of the Internet, and surely anyone who sees you walking by wearing it.

I've definitely become a fan of Urada and am looking forward to seeing where it goes, I'm sure in a straight line to the top. You can purchase the newest addition to Urada's web shop, the 3M tee and much more over on the web shop. Watch out for it.


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