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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Vampire diares show


Okay, guys in case you missed it (you probably didn't) The Vampire Diaries show premiered on Thursday September 10th and  my watch  says that was yesterday.  I think it was actually really good and Hollywood didn't really screw up the story that's based on the book, like some movies (...Twilight...) or TV shows in this case.  So the opening to the show is basically a couple being attacked by a mysterious figure which we later find out is Damon (rawr).  So then  we meet Elena, played by Canadian (WOOT) actress Nina Dobrev.  Her parents died four months ago and her little brother is a crackhead (yah).  In the actual book her brother is actually a sister, who is about 7 years old (give or take).  
A lot of people have been in uproar because of the fact that Elena's hair is brown instead of theblond hair, blue eyes look that's in the book.  Personally I think it's fine, and I think the reason they chose to make her a brunette was so that Elena could be more relate able, most people would think that a blond girl with blue eyes who was  POPULAR would be a shallow airhead.  But those who have read the book know that that's not the case.  The show has been dipped inside a bucket of  horror and it really gives that creepy, eerie feeling that was not present in other vampire movies (ahem, Twilight).  There was too much going on though, Vicki, who is supposed to be in the same grade as Elena, is Matt's sister.  I think the couples were to intertwined.  But really, it's Damon, who is played by Ian Somerhalder who POPS.  He brings the excitement and horror to the plot, while Stefan and Elena bring the romance that barely escapes the cheesy bucket.

I thought all of the characters were fine, Caroline was probably blond because nowadays, blonds are pursued as the popular airhead type of girls.  But if I had to choose one person who I would swap it would be Matt.  I just think he's too...not sweet enough.  Too strong in some ways to.  But all in all I can't wait for the next episode next Thursday.  So lock the doors, close the windows and make sure not to invite any vampires                                               in because they are definitely here to stay.


  1. I agree with what you say, but I've only read a part of the first book so I can't really say. The series didn't interest me much, but I like the show. It can be kind of boring at times though, lol.

  2. What yummy pictures of Ian :)


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